#1: The lowest bid isn’t always the best deal. If you get three bids on a project, and two are close but one is much lower, something strange is probably going on. Extremely low bids often indicate that shoddy, uninsured work will follow. Make sure you’re comfortable not only with the price your contractor bids, but also how well they communicate their plans and progress with you.

#2: Make sure you get a contract. Creating a physical agreement between you and your HVAC contractor is the best way to ensure each party is held accountable. The contract should detail every step of the project, including payment, contractor proof of insurance, estimated date of completion, materials, and a clause that ensures your contractor will get lien releases from any subcontractors or suppliers.

#3: Use someone your friends recommend. All contractors will tell you that they’re the best and that their customer service is superior to their competitors. The only way to know if they’re telling the truth is to ask their past and current customers. Here at Allgeier Air, we’re proud to have positive reviews from past customers posted on such reputable sources as Angie’s List, Google+, Customer Lobby, and the Better Business Bureau.

#4: Ninety percent of your home’s heating and cooling system’s efficiency comes proper design and installation of the system. Ratings such as SEER and EER are only applicable if the system is designed, installed and sealed correctly.

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