There’s never a good day for your furnace or air conditioner to break down. We don’t even realize how much we rely on these systems to keep our homes safe and comfortable until they’re not available. In your frustration, you may be tempted to just say “rip it out and give me a new one!” but that might not actually be the smartest solution. In some cases, furnaces and air conditioning systems have plenty of life left in them, they just need a moderate repair so that they continue working properly.

On the other hand, technology is advancing so quickly that even a furnace or air conditioner that’s just five or 10 years old might already be horribly outdated as far as efficiency goes. While you might be proud that you haven’t had to replace it yet, you might not realize that it’s slowly costing you hundreds of extra dollars in energy.

The experts at Allgeier Air are always available to answer your question about heating and air conditioning repair. We can assess your current system, diagnose the problem, and make an honest recommendation for repair or replacement.

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