6 common pipe issues to address before the holidays can range from simple fixes to more complex problems.

As we eagerly prepare for this year’s festivities, the last thing you want is an unexpected plumbing disaster crashing the party.

It can be so frustrating!

Dealing with pipe issues during the holidays is no way to start this merry season! Today let’s unwrap six common pipe problems that could potentially play havoc on your holiday cheer and find out how to tackle them, ensuring your gatherings stay merry and bright.

“Sweating” Pipes

After Santa has completed his Christmas Eve gift-giving marathon, he is sure to be feeling the heat – literally. Now, imagine if your pipes take a cue from Santa, “sweating” with condensation, threatening to dampen the holiday spirit.

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Unlike Santa, these sweaty pipes aren’t spreading cheer; they’re risking moisture damage and pipe corrosion. The fix? Give your pipes a comfy sweater by insulating the cold-water ones, especially in those areas with a bit too much humidity.

6 Common Pipe Issues To Address Before The Holidays: Aging Pipes

Your home might be older and wiser, but your pipes need to keep their youthful look. Corrosion is the aging process for pipes, and you want to stop it before it turns into a plumbing nightmare. Inspect those pipes, and if they’re showing signs of rust, it’s time for a replacement. Also, keep an eye on piping connections to avoid any awkward galvanic corrosion situations.

Water Hammer

Just like our college days, your pipes can throw one heck of a party complete with loud bangs and shakes. That noise is called water hammer. Water hammer can lead to pipe and valve damage. Install a water hammer arrestor to absorb the force and ensure your pipes stay on their best behavior. No more wild parties!

6 Common Pipe Issues To Address Before The Holidays: Leaks

Surprise! The tree is up and your guests are about to arrive…then, out of nowhere, the sound of dripping water interrupts your Spotify holiday playlist.

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From worn-out adhesives to tree roots, leaks have a way of creating quite the disruption. Combat this holiday menace by using reliable materials, treating your drains kindly, and keeping tree roots at a respectable distance from your sewage line.

Pressure Issues

As the merriment begins, you notice the water pressure faltering as Aunt Mary attempts to fill her water glass. Why is it taking so long? It might be a case of improperly sized pipes. Swap out those sections of piping that just can’t handle the pressure and talk to us about installing a pressure reducing valve or a booster pump, depending on your water pressure personality.

6 Common Pipe Issues To Address Before The Holidays: Rattling Pipes

Loose pipes doing their best percussion impression can turn your house into an unintentional orchestra.

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Secure those pipes, consider replacements, and chat with us about reigning in the water pressure and taming that water hammer.

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Keep in mind that a little proactive care for your pipes can go a long way and save you from unnecessary frustration this holiday. If you find yourself dealing with any of these pipe predicaments, reach out to us.  No plumbing problem should steal your joy during the most wonderful time of the year. Happy Holidays!

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